The growth of all business is important for economic development. The coordination of the small and large business sectors through formal organizations, such as the Chamber, is vital to the process. Economic development focuses on the recruitment of new business operations, assisting in the expansion or retention of current businesses and assisting in the start-up of new businesses. Economic development for the Williamsport/Lycoming County region is the development of the community’s economic wealth for the well-being of our inhabitants.

Economic and Community Growth Corp of Lycoming County (ECGC)

The Economic & Community Growth Corporation is organized and operated for the specific purpose of promoting the economic and community development of the Greater Williamsport and Lycoming County regions. One of its programs, the Emerson Project is an Executive Leadership program designed to prepare senior level managers for the CEO position. The ECGC also oversees education programs designed to improve the connection between the schools and the business community. It has also sponsored, along with the State of Pennsylvania, a site selectors tour of Lycoming County for the purpose of increasing our ability to attract new businesses and jobs to the region.

Lycoming Economic Development Foundation 

The LEDF is a non-profit corporation organized on June 7, 1955. Its sole purpose is to promote the economic, commercial and industrial welfare and employment of Lycoming County.

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First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania

The First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania (FCFP) works to improve the quality of life in north central Pennsylvania through community leadership, the promotion of philanthropy, the strengthening of nonprofit impact and the perpetual stewardship of charitable assets.